King County Sheriff Schene – God Damn It, WTF

For those who may not have seen some local (to me) news, a King County Sheriff plead not guilty to a 4th-degree assault charge on a 15 year old girl. It matters to me, because frankly, I live here in King County, and I don’t like to think of our cops as anything but the faithful public servants that most of them are. Just do a quick Google Search on “King County, 4th Degree”, and you’ll find a whole bunch of articles on the guy, and the kid in question. When they had her in custody, the girl kicked her shoe off at the cop, hitting him in the knee, and he went after her. Here’s one of the better videos on the subject:

I have a general respect for cops. They have an unpleasant job that I’m thankful they do. This video makes me respect cops a little less.

I hope the girl isn’t hurt. I hope she can learn to trust that cops are (in general) good people trying to make things safe for everyone. However, this particular situation may have precluded the possibility of that. I mean, putting yourself in her shoes, can you reasonably assume that cops aren’t just as weak-willed as any other random mugger? I hope so, but I do doubt it.

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