OK, eventually I get back to things.

It’s currently the evening of the 19th, as I write this entry. I’m sitting upstairs in my makeshift office, listening to an old Guns and Roses album.

To update on the most recent and pressing of items:

1) Emerson is fine. His medications are being upped again tomorrow, but he seems to be taking them just fine. There’s still no change in his heart size, but at this point, he’s not getting worse.

2) Lydia and Zoe are back in preschool now. They’ve seemed to get themselves back into a rhythm now.

3) Work has slowed down, considerably. This is expected for the time of year, but is a bit on the boring side. I’m doing a few things which are interesting, but none of them are interesting to more than a few people.

We had Zoe’s birthday party this past weekend (and took dozens of photos with the new camera.) I think she had a lot of fun having a “second birthday” this year. Something awesome… kid parties at the YMCA. Do a few in your house, and then do one at the Y. You don’t have to clean and the kids get to play at the playground and you don’t have to clean. Seriously… you don’t have to clean, so it’s totally worth it right there.

Right now, I’m in a sort of weird slump / busy period. On one hand, things really are picking back up (and it’s busy again.) On the other, I’ve never felt quite like I’ve accomplished less during the day. I know I’m working… I’ll get to work at 9AM, and look down at the clock when I get a quick hunger pang at 2:30 PM wondering what happened to the day.

I’m doing things… coding a little, researching things mostly (and doing some work for local non-profits.) But it’s all a lot of busywork, and nothing concrete.

My poker league (the Deuce Deuce Revolvers) is starting up again this week, which should be interesting. If anything, it’ll cause another fight between Heather and I (Lydia’s preschool is Thursday evenings, which is exactly the same time as my poker league.) Granted, my league is monthly, but trying to schedule it has been a touch silly this month, so getting Heather to take Lydia to preschool (while having someone watch Zoe and Emerson for 2 hours) is a bit much to handle. I may have to skip it, which is not that bad as I was the one who wrote the league rules about “No Shows.”

Now that I finally wrote a new post, let’s see how long it takes me to get another one out. I’m gonna try for tomorrow… let’s hope 🙂

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