Vacation in times of COVID, part 2

My wife and children have been at the beach house in Long Beach for over a week now, while I go down on the weekends. This last weekend proved wonderful. Bright and sunny, but cool, as only a Washington Beach can be.

Walking on Friday night before sunset.

Nothing like a bright sunny day on the beach that requires a light jacket.

Are there really teenagers if they aren’t fighting for no goddamn reason?

The funny thing about a beach town like Long Beach is the quirky weirdness that exists in that place. I have never, ever, seen a kite store in my life before visiting Long Beach. A store, wholly dedicated to kites and kiting enthusiasts.

Sunset behind a few clouds.

Yet, I still had to come back to the house. We have furniture deliveries, and homeowners-association installs of safety equipment that someone has to be here for. That, and my desire to work is literally nil when I’m down at the beach. I instead re-read Jack London’s Call of the Wild in the course of 3 hours, while my shih-tzu and terrier ran all over the beach, barking at gulls, digging holes in the sand and rubbing the scent of molted Dungeness Crabs into themselves.

A message to my work brain: Locust tests hosted through to Azure Containers will get done, I promise. Maybe a little later than I planned.

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