Clearly, this hasn’t been the most updated of blogs, and being that it is the 31st of December, I think we need to resolve to change that, among other elements of my life.

So, here goes: My resolution this year is to be a little more rigorous and diligent in my life and goals. Simply put, I resolve to decide what kind of person that I want to be, and then achieve it.

I resolve to publish more, blocking off at least an hour a week to write. To help with that, this blog will change a bit. I’ll include a bit more about my life / family / coaching / CrossFit and all those other things that will help me be a whole person. F# is still a passion language for me, so most posts will have SOMETHING to do about my favorite language. But I might need help making that hour-a-week goal, so I might include stuff like “My son really wanted a Switch this Christmas…” If that ain’t for you, well fine. There should be enough content generated to let you skip a post.

I am resolving to to get down to 205lbs by December 2020, at 17% body fat. That means sticking with my 5x a week CrossFit schedule, and adding some regular distance running to the mix so I can hang out once a week with an old buddy of mine. I want to be in the kind of shape that I could hear about a 5K run going on somewhere, enter that week, and be in good enough shape to run well. I have an Excel sheet for tracking against my target, and I will post details, if only to ensure myself a little accountability.

I resolve to be more diligent about my health. Specifically, my teeth. No more of this poor-kid thing of ‘not bothering’ to go to a dentist until something hurts. Just simple checkups. 2 of ’em a year. I pay for great dental insurance. Better use it.

I’ll talk about the other resolutions I have in the next post.

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