Fall stuff.

September came and went quickly, and October seems to be doing the same. Work is steady, long and challenging, and in my project, we’re solving some problems that needed to be solved. Given other projects I’ve been on, it’s a nice pace.

On the family front, the fall schedule has come upon us with full force. Every day of the week, there’s something going on, whether it’s preschool during the week, or some such activity planned on the weekend, and up until recently, when some of the kids simply came down with the seasonal whatnots, an unplanned block of 20 minutes rarely seemed to come entirely into fruition.

Notable things that have happened since my last post.
– We went to the fair, in the pouring rain (the pictures are good, but Heather doesn’t like my Picture adder thing on this website.)
– I ate a Maple Bar with Bacon on it at Frost donuts in Mill Creek.
– The kids have started preschool (and almost immediately afterwords)
– The kids have all started coughs/colds/flu stuff.
– Lydia turned 3.
– Zoe has gotten herself almost 100% potty trained.

Final things… we’ve been starting to think about Kindergarten and 1st grade for Zoe. Next year, she’ll start kindergarten.

Beyond that… we’re keepin’ on.

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