It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

With the nearing holiday, we’ve gotten distinctively more festive in the house. This weekend, we spent a date night on Saturday, and since there weren’t any movies out we wanted to see, we went shopping for the girls gifts at Target. On Sunday (when the Seahawks lost) we went and picked up a tree from Top Food (<$20, gotta love the price.)

We didn’t decorate it right away, rather saving that pleasantry for Tuesday.

Now, we have a highly decorated tree, with (as Heather puts it) an overabundance of lights. I can’t help it… I prefer lots of lights on the tree. I could even put more on, but Heather thought that 350 was a bit much. Still… the tree’s like six and a half feet tall, so I think it could handle the other 150 light set… but I digress.

The girls love it, alongside all the “extra” decorations that Grandma Elaine gave us last year (when they’re in the way, we describe it as the decorations we got “suckered into having.”) Just a note… a large wooden advent calendar with little wooden toys to hang up for every day in December is too much temptation for really little children. Low-hanging ornaments on the tree have that same impact, and one of my personal favorites, a mouse eating a piece of pizza, called ‘Pepperoni Mouse’, has been the subject of damn-near removal, because Lydia cannot tell that Pepperoni Mouse is only an ornament, and is not, in fact, an extension of lunch or dinner.

Yesterday, the girls made snowflakes out of printer paper and coffee filters and a tree-top star out of cardboard, aluminum foil, and glitter pens. The snowflakes are all stuck up on the main living room window, and we’re letting the star dry.

Friday last week, they also made a construction-paper chain (the ringlet kind), which is hanging off of the stairway bannister. There’s also a glittery wreath hanging from the paper-chain, and a tree that’s been colored with crayons. The whole living room is practically covered.

One thing that’s interesting… the mirror on the wall makes a rather bright room, when only the tree is lit. The room glows, and is absolutely wonderful. I wish I could easily get a picture, but our only camera has an automatic flash which is not easy to control. We’ll have to try to get a photo with the lighting adjusted in the room, so that it’s bright enough not to set off the flash, and that it’s dark enough to actually give an indication of the tree’s effect.

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