Ugh, when will this be over.

Burnout is a thing. Even without the regular commute, the gym being open, and my recent trips to Long Beach seeing the amazing summer sunsets, I’m tired and a bit sick of it all.

COVID19. My Pollyanna-esque brain wholly believes in humanity. We will overcome this, like we overcome everything else. Still, I can’t help recalling folks predicting a second wave, and it seems like we’re getting one in Washington.

Protests in the city. I have never distrusted police more than I do now. I will vote against their funding nearly every time from now on.

Teenagers. No, daughter-of-mine, a chore chart is not the same as misogyny.

The picture is of my middle kid when she was a baby. It showed up in my Google Photos, with a ‘remember this?’ message. It made me happy seeing her smile that much. I may be feeling a bit of burnout, but she’s too cute to not share.